Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Disabled seek sexual healing

For fucks sake (well, that's what they want):

"The founder of a newly-formed group is calling for state-funded sex services for disabled people to be offered in New Zealand.
Tom McAlpine, who has cerebral palsy, thinks the sexual needs of disabled people are being overlooked.
[He] has formed a ... group called Paths Together which he says will help adults with disabilities to gain access to sex education.  Paths Together also promotes and wants to facilitate access to sex workers for disabled people."

Hmm, I should start a group called "fatties and uglies together" and fuck the taxpayer up the arse prostitutes using taxpayers funds. I mean, really, we'd ALL like sex, but without expecting others to provide it (rapists excepted, of course) or pay for it.

"But the regional co-ordinator for the New Zealand Prostitutes Collective, Gina Davies, believes it should receive funding."
She would, wouldn't she. ALL industry representatives think their industry deserves bolstering with taxpayer funds, just look at UK wind farmers with their fat greasy hands on your wallet.