Thursday, June 25, 2009

Clouded Reason

Stolen from EU Referendum:

One of the most dangerous phenomena of modern times is how the irrational greenies have hijacked the environmental agenda and suborned it in pursuit of their own political aims. No better example of this is offered than in a piece by Peter Schwerdtfeger, emeritus professor of meteorology at Flinders University in Adelaide, writing in The Australian.

Schwerdtfeger is reviewing the work of internationally acclaimed cloud physicist Daniel Rosenfeld of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, who asserts that the most awful consequence of the burning of carboniferous fuels is not the release of CO2 but the large-scale injection of minute particulate pollutants into the atmosphere.

Detailed studies carried out by his research group have revealed that the minute water vapour droplets that form around some carbon particles are so small as to be almost incapable of being subsequently coalesced into larger precipitable drops. In short, the particulates prevent rainfall. Thus, humans are changing the climate in a much more direct way than through the release of CO2.

What seems to be happening is that pollution is seriously inhibiting rain over mountains in semi-arid regions, a phenomenon with dire consequences for water resources in the Middle East and many other parts of the world, including China and Australia.

This and other work is now showing that the average precipitation on Mt Hua near Xi'an in central China has decreased by 20 percent, but rather than "climate change" this is attributable to man-made air pollution during the past 50 years.

The precipitation loss was doubled on days that had the poorest visibility because of pollution particles in the air. This explains the widely observed trends of decrease in mountain precipitation relative to the rainfall in nearby densely populated lowlands, which until now had not been directly ascribed to air pollution.

The work also shows the "frightening persistence and longevity of pollutant trails across vast areas", not least in the Australian Snowy Mountains catchments, where a phalanx of brown coal-burning power stations may have substantially wrecked the natural precipitation processes over the once hydrologically rich Australian Alps.

If Rosenfeld's scientific interpretations are correct, then southern Australia would greatly benefit from the application of his discoveries. At the very least, Rosenfeld's conclusions should be accorded appropriate evaluation and testing by an unprejudiced panel of peers.

The issue here is that targeted measures to limit specific pollution is a common good, and far from being objectionable, is economically as well as ecologically sound. And, by virtue of their very specificity, not only are such measures cheaper than the scatter-gun approach of trying to reduce CO2 measures, their effects are more immediately measurable and there is a true cost-benefit.

However, Schwerdtfeger remarks that the work has so far has been ignored in Australia (and elsewhere) because it does not fit in with the dominant paradigm that holds CO2 responsible for reduced rainfall in semi-arid regions. And thus do the greenies, far from improving the environment, hold back sensible measures and lock us into the tunnel vision of group obsession, perpetuating the very problems they purport to be solving.

Booker and I had a phrase for this ... "the sledgehammer to miss the nut". Perhaps we should take the sledgehammer to the nut(s).

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


My email to morning report

Banks suffering their "fair share" of the recession

Tuesday, 9 June, 2009 7:35 PM
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Hi Geoff, Sean

Loved hearing Mr Foss saying several times that banks are not suffering their "fair share".

Then we heard Mrs Fagg, CEO of ANZ National state that her bank's profit was down 30%. From memory they have made some of their staff redundant.

I am concerned that parliament has not suffered its fair share of the recession either, so how about redunancies from parliament, how about a 10 to 30% pay cut for MPs?

Do these people not realise that every time they bash a private sector business that makes a profit, they are bashing taxpayers. If these politicians start fiddling with our finance sector, we'll end up with the distortions that the Americans had. Who suffered when that house of cards collapsed? Everyone OTHER than politicians...

Gordon Brown

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


"How ANYONE could be boo-ed by our WW2 heroes and still have the gall to be seen in public is a sure sign that the cunt's dosage needs to be upped."

comment from Killemallletgodsortemout on Old Holborn's post about getting the Gorgon sectioned under mental health regs.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My Email to Russel Norman

CO2 is a significant greenhouse gas
Friday, 29 May, 2009 6:36 AM
From: "Gordon Brown"

Hi Russel
The following email was brought to my attention via Whale Oil's blog. Can you please confirm for me:
Whether or not aeroplanes, cars and cabs release CO2 whilst burning fossils fuels.
Whether or not CO2 is a significant greenhouse gas
Whether or not the planet is warming
Whether or not that is because of the co2 from burning fossil fuels (as opposed to burning logs in ones wood-burner)
Whether or not your co2 emissions are better than mine


Gordon Brown
(for now) Prime Minister & First Lord Of The Treasury
C/o (for now):10 Downing Street

Remember this if politicians want to spend your money:
A million dollars is what you’d get earning the average wage for twenty years. A billion dollars is what you’d get if you won Lotto every week for twenty years.
If I gave you $1 million and told you to spend it at the rate of $1000 per day, it would take you nearly three years. But if I gave you $1 billion and told you to do the same, it would take you nearly 3000 years.
A million seconds is about 12 days. A billion seconds is about 30 years.The following is a disclaimer and a protest at the collection, retention and sharing of my personal mail by the morally bankrupt state.By adding a string of key words, it will guarantee that each and every mail that I send will now need to be manually viewed as it is picked up by the auto scan software. If every person in the UK does exactly the same, then the entire system will quickly become so unmanageable, so unwieldy that it will become unworkable.My key words are: bomb, assassinate, president, brown, Osama, Obama, Sargozy, Merkel, government, target, location, rocket, grenade, al-Qaeda, Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, UK, America, guns, jets, bombs, machine-gun, terrorists, MP's, pigs, troughs, France, Germany, Italy, nuclear, Korea.

Subject: RE: Worrying Article

Date: Thu, 28 May 2009 17:52:51 +1200

From: Russel Norman

To: Bob

Hi Bob
I am carefully following the rules laid down by Parliamentary Services. When campaigning in Mt Albert I pay for my cabs (I have a car from afriend up there so don't use cabs much) and accommodation (again staying with Green supporters).
I travel around NZ constantly as co-leader and Parliamentary services pays for my flights. For example, I am off to Auckland shortly so that I can attend the Child Poverty Action Group budget breakfast tomorrow.Bryce has a long history of personal attacks on me and the Greens, it is tedious. I no longer read his stuff