Friday, July 31, 2009

Fucking Hypocrite

A pig on the farm, enjoying the sun.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Even Doctors are Mental

"Our" children are being "run down" in their own driveways.

It is terrible. But now a surgeon suggests its a design fault, and made a dick of himself suggesting that the accident rate could be cut dramatically if "our" homes had semi-circular driveways...
(And, yes, he did seem to suggest that the gummint should mandate this kind of design improvement. Way to make housing even more expensive. I have to fence fucking my pool, but the local Kapiti council doesn't have to fence its open storm water drains, or the fucking sea and rivers.)

His own home possibly has such a semi-circular driveway, but I can't afford to set that much land aside. Perhaps I should go on a retraining course run by a local Poly and become a surgeon, then I, too, can buy a home with a semi-circular driveway.

I think I shall download the mp3 podcast of that report for posterity...