Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Mendacious Cunt

For the EU you shall pay,
But "get fucked!" if you want your say,
May Gordon Brown rue the day,
That ordinary Britons he did betray,
Leaving them answerable to Jose,
His EU edicts we shall obey.
Whilst MPs sup at the celebratory buffet
How will history portray
When HE left democracy in disarray,
Not just England treated this way
On his conscious did not weigh
The final ceding and national decay
From a post shall his body sway?
I, for one, say, “Way hey!”

Is This The Final Descent into Madness? Goodbye England, Scotland, Wales, etc. Hello Airstrip One.


Here is a taste of what the EU parliament gets up to:


Friday, January 25, 2008

Fat Facts

I'm happy because I eat lard!


The Final Solution

And it's so cunning, you could pin a tail on it, etc:

It's not clear that it results in scrapping the regressive poll tax that is the licencing fee...

Thursday, January 24, 2008


Thanks, Mike!


Heros for a Modern Era

My new best friends!

Ils sont si drôles, I presque humide moi-même. Quelle honte je ne peux pas parler français ! Puits d'Oh !

Greens want cooking taught

My initial reaction was “Oh, frick-off you fricking nannies!”

But with the state insisting that "labour-unit factors of production" (people in English) work long hours to support the state*, there is little time for parents and children to spend together doing this stuff.

So maybe it is not a BAD idea (as an interim solution). I must say, I don’t remember anything I learnt in cooking.

So knuzilind is going the same way as the motherland:



*[climbs on high-horse] Those BMWs won't pay for themselves, people!

- High taxes means that some of us work longer/harder than we would choose in our personal “work/life” balance.
- I love the way that Kiwisaver is not set to pay out at 65, but at the age of entitlement to National Super. This is to stop you retiring at the age that you choose. If you are unable to work until you are entitled to YOUR OWN FREAKING MONEY, then you will become a client of the state.

Bastards! And Bankers...

RBNZ - OCR unchanged at 8.25 percent


I have a mortgage coming off 6.5% on 2 April and likely to go to 9.99%.

That's 3.5% extra in interest paid each year, so $3,500 extra for every $100k of loan. With a top marginal rate of 39% (12% of workers in NZ face this margin: they must be "Rich Pricks"), plus Employee ACC Levy of another approx 1%, I have to earn another $5,833.33 to tread water.
Me, I'm praying for a US recession: it's mainly their rates (plus and minus a risk margin, fricked-sideways by lenders giving money away in a wheeze called "sub-prime") that determine New Zealand fixed interest rates.

Thank you, you stupid bankers

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Modern Environmentalists Do Not Exaggerate, surely?

Not content to ban the airborne plant food otherwise know as carbon dioxide, environmentalists want us to stop using plastic shopping bags. That's fine and all, but I'll have to buy plastic bin liners instead. Now, I like to think I'm a bit green:
  1. my family only own one car, 1600cc
  2. we live on a bus route (feasible if you are wealthy enough to pay extra for property handy to transport)
  3. we compost our kitchen scraps and garden waste
  4. we recycle (depending on the wind, up to 3 recycling bins go out each week)
  5. we use low-energy bulbs (only recently becoming aware of the mercury contained therein)
  6. when we can afford it (less often these days) we buy organic

BUT, big 'fessing up: as I am of Scottish descent, I would be motivated by financial consideration to adopt 1 to 5 ANYWAY, casting my economic vote in favour of solutions that save me money. Item 6 makes me feel good (mind you, so do 1 to 5).

But some folk are intent on reducing my choices in live, my freedoms, based on dubious science:

Why banning the bag is bogus:


Check out some of the comments. Hilarious!

PS If a greenie tells me he heats his house by burning stuff, should I kick him in the nads?

Thursday, January 17, 2008

A picture for an anon

And when ones hands are too dirty, these can be used to remove morsels from ones nasal passages.

Interest Rates, Gummint Spending

Hello Britain
Evan Davis has a thought provoking article on how interest rates work. There'll be a gong coming your way, Evan, as thanks for not mentioning "Govt expenditure" as one of the main components of spending that matter to monetary policy:

"In principle, there are only three main components of spending that much matter to monetary policy: consumer spending, business investment and exports and trade."

For the (not quite) full story:


Bugger, his comments have not been updated (on that post) since I submitted my comment, which was:

"In principle, there are only three main components of spending that much matter to monetary policy: consumer spending, business investment and exports and trade."

Err, there’s a big, fat UNPRODUCTIVE elephant in this room: government spending.
In my experience the MOST inflationary type of spending around. For every new/restructured quango, dept, commission or Ministry:
- employing staff (in competition to the productive sector and other govt depts)
- renting office space to house them (ditto)
- printing letterhead, designing corporate identity manuals
- building websites
- purchases/leasing computer networks and the installation thereof
- advertising
And, at the end of it, there is usually NOTHING to show for it at the end, except a whole lot of reports and recommendations that gather dust. This is UNPRODUCTIVE work. Conventional wisdom says improvements in productivity lifts national income. So ever increasing govt spending on marginal issues or pet projects tends to fuel inflation in wages, commercial rents, IT services, advertising. All these items are cost inputs to real businesses.