Tuesday, May 6, 2008

This gummint in thrall to Ad agencies

I want to get myself a little run about as a second car. I will be asking for, neigh, DEMANDING that it have sidebeefcurtainairstripbags.

I've not watched much telly lately, so have just seen that poor (exploited IMHO) brain-injured lass extolling the virtues of curtain airbags.

Who the FUCK dreamed up this campaign?
Not only are these twunts out of touch (I mean, who in middle earth can afford a NEW car these days, tell me) but they must all be having their tiny cocks sucked by folk who run ad agencies.


"The message to motorists is simple - if you want to maximise your safety you must choose a vehicle with a head-protecting airbag."
The high profile Land Transport NZ-ACC vehicle safety campaign gets underway this Sunday (20 April), with the launch of a disturbing new television ad depicting the debilitating effects of brain injuries suffered in crashes.

Er, I'll get round to it. Right after I've saved for my retirement, feed my children and paid the mortgage.

Okay, so it's ACC, so it's not coming directly out of my taxes...except that non-work related accidents are funded out of earner premium that adds 1.2% or something to my already 39% (marginal) tax rate. Hmmm....


Tuscan Tony said...

Excelent blog, and a great pic of you Prime Minster if I might say as much. The smile to me clearly indicates a lost rectal probe at some point in the preceding 10 mins before the snap.

Clunking Fist said...

Eh? It was not a probe: it was a jolly good seeing to by a nice young chap. He's a LibDem these days...

Thanks for the praise, Mr T.
It is modest part time effort, to be sure. It is mostly a form of therapy, lest I start attacking lefties in the street...