Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Tax Breaks for Rugby Players - Moffett (sp?)

Rugby is the best sport in the world. Any argument to the contrary is just Bullshit, as Phil would say.

But why the fuck would anyone think that pro rugby players need a tax break to remain in the country? Any rugby player who doesn't take the opportunity to play overseas in a numb-nuts (I obviously WON'T be revealing by true identity anytime soon).

I'm a pro accountant. I took the opportunity to account overseas. I am a different person because of it. Better, I hope.

Rugby opens doors for players who can come from any walk of life. They need to be encouraged to walk through some of those doors, not discouraged.

Unlike doctors, when a great rugby player steps aside/heads overseas, there is an eager youngster prepared (maybe "ready" is too strong a word) to step into his boots.

The same cannot be said for doctors: once a doctor is lost to NZ, we have to pinch another from an even poorer country than ours (or hope a British doctor comes for a holiday) otherwise there is only an administrator or cleaner to step up to the mark.

No, ALL fucking NZers need a tax break to encourage us to stay/come back, Mr Moffett, not just pro rugby players. This was on National State Radio this morning, so no link, can't find it on stuff or NZH.

Apparently Ireland has something in place. Good for them. They also have taxpayer funded EU nonsense money to pay for it, too, no doubt.

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