Sunday, April 6, 2008

policy network - new ideas for progressive politics

The conference is entitled:

"Progressive governance conference 2008. An inclusive globalisation: promoting prosperity for all"

Unbelievably, delegates at the conference's plush Grove Hotel just laughed and clapped as the Chilean finance minister talked about the "poetic justice" of the subprime crisis. What planet are these people on? Millions of people around the world are losing their homes and they laugh?

How. Very. Inclusive. (Nicely paid for by the British Taxpayer, at a time when every household in Britain is already saddled with GBP74k in government debt.)

Socialists don't want the hoi poloi to aspire to home ownership (especially as there is a strong correlation between homeownership and voting blue). That want you to be clients of a benevolant state that provides housing for everyone. Of course the pigs (politicians) will get the apples and milk (diesel BMW limos, Kelburn mansions), whilst you and I can make do with one- or two-bedroomed apartments built on poorly rehabilated waste sites.

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