Thursday, May 15, 2008


"Inflation?" Says Mikey (Fiscal Fool) Sullen "Is that where prices of things like Wellington office space and Communication Manager wages go up cos I keep handing out money?"

Waste? You want waste?
How about this in the MED's poosletter:
"New management initiative to be launched next month: A new programme of activity promoting the importance of management skills to firm (as in business?) performance will be launched next month by Management Focus."

They've got a jazzy logo and evyfing! The mission:
"Management Focus is a communications initiative established by the Business Capability Partnership, a consortium of private and public sector organisations, to highlight the impact strong management skills can have on overall business performance. By working collaboratively these organisations aim to encourage business owners and managers to assess, develop and improve their performance."
What's the bet that the Business Crapability Prattleship is chock-full of little piglets suckling on taxpayers tit? And that the initiative will consist of volumes of printed and html material that ALREADY EXISTS out in WWWland, accessible via google.
Hey, gummint, how about just getting the fuck out of our lives whilst we try to make ourselves a living by pleasing our customers?

And I DID mention the Families Commission, right?
What the FUCK do they achieve (nothing) and how MUCH do they spend in the process?
Visit their website to see an exercise in futility.

Here are THEIR OWN descriptions of some of the studies they've undertaken or reports they've written:

"The Whänau Talk project was a pilot study conducted to explore what Mäori whänau (families) talk about in their everyday lives and how such talk contributes to whänau socialisation." And the results of this will be used to...?

"Understanding Pacific peoples in the context of their families is crucial to working successfully with Pacific families and communities." Yep, they're close-knit: I had never noticed that.

"A narrative analysis that identified the ways in which young people make sense of family, friendship and intimacy, and how they imagine they might live their lives in the context of these meanings." Pardon? No child makes sense of family after the age of about 12. It's part of the way we flee the nest. Next?

"Nine women with Multiple Sclerosis, who had become mothers in the past five years, were interviewed individually about their experiences of pregnancy, birth and mothering children up to the age of five years. " Is that a scientific study then? Who was in the control group? MS sufferers who DIDN'T become mothers? Non-MS mothers? What were your conclusions? That MS sucks?

32 FTE's as at July 2006
Say 2 on $180k
8 on $80k
10 on $50
10 on $40k
total of $1.9 million
750m2 office at $320/m2 = $240k rent
power light & phone, petty cash for pastries/coffees/lunch for internal meetings, cars for senior execs? Cars for researchers and community liaison folk (
Shit: I've just popped a vein. I'll leave it there...

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Mark Wadsworth said...

Oh, you have The Quangocracy in NZ as well? How wonderful for you!