Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Aluminium Smelter

Yeah, go on you numpties, give the smelter an exemption from ETS.

How many exemptions, extensions and free-allocations that does make it now? Why don't you just give up, you stupid communists.

This is like the Monthy Python Black Knight: "don't worry, it's only a scratch, the ETS is effective regardless, Helen will bite the kneecaps off those carbon molecules."

We trust you, Hulun. Why, nearly a BILLION FUCKING DOLLARS for a rusty train set, is mere small change. Well, it's a shit load of money for people on benefits, especially if they really are SICK so can't run a horticultural business on the side. It's a shit load of money if you are waiting for a hip replacement. Or breast cancer drugs.

Make no mistake, by spending this money on trains instead of medicine, you are killing people.

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