Monday, February 23, 2009

Top Ten Signs Your Country May Be Going Fascist


LaFemme said...

This would be good, except it's completely backwards. George Bush never tried to shut down free speech, but the demorats sure as hell are.

Clunking Fist said...

"George Bush never tried to shut down free speech,"

But he did authorise wire taps without warrents, torture, double-speak, disappearances.

And spent a cuntillion dollars on a pointless war.

And I was thinking of the UK whilst watching this: tick, tick, tick. Pinkos can be fascist control freaks and neocons can be big gummint, big spending, bubble hounds.

LaFemme said...

Clunking, I'm a child of the 60S, and I've lived all these years keeping a wary eye on both the right and the left, and in all those years I never once felt my right to free speech under threat...until those last 2 years of Helen Clark's government. And judging from the daily heaps and heaps of negative press that GW got those last 4 years, I'm guessing that no one there in American felt intimidated into silence like I did. At near as I can tell, ALL of the American's free speech fears was purely fearmongering by the liberals and the left. But real fear is rising in American now, on the right, with the demorats threatening a return of the fairness doctrine.
In America, the right has talk radio, Fox news, the NY post, a couple of magazines, a few popular blogs, and the liberals have all the rest of the media, and it's vast, so why in God's name are the democrats going after those few outlets of rightwing speak? There's only one real answer: and it's liberal fascism this time, not rightwing McCarthyism.
As for all those things you accuse GW of doing, well guess what, Saint Barry is doing the same things. No matter the retoric, or the press releases, watch the facts. See how many real repeals there are of Bush's way of doing things. Count them. And count carefully. Obama is blocking every attempt that congress is making to go after Bush. And you gotta wonder why? Surely you're not nieve enough to think he's doing it for the good of the country. Or are you?
As the add says -- sharpen up!
Back to Bush, he made mistakes, terrible ones, but Barry & Co are going to do worse. Just hide and watch.

Clunking Fist said...

"I'm guessing that no one there in American felt intimidated into silence like I did."

Maybe not, but GW presided over plenty of blows against liberty (and not just the obvious ones against dirty johnny furriner).

And don't worry, I'm not some kind of fan of Barry. Unlike a lot of libertarians who think left = right .: automatically = evil, I prefered aging war hero and state governer to brand spanking newby wind-bag and aging shiny head.
Even the aging shiny head (and jilted cat fighter) had plenty of resrvations about wind-bag (which they quickly forgot as they were invited into the tent).

I think now, Americans are waking up to the reality that is "made in medialand" wind-bag. I think others are still hanging out for that change they desired. I do hope they are not holding their breath...