Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Charismatic Leaders

Great post on EU Referendum


With a top comment from "gareth":

"Thanks to the rise of the political class, we have had something of a National Government in the UK for years. Different shades of statists that is all. The answer to everything is More Government. The same is largely true for the EU. An alternative point of view is a threat to them and demonised accordingly.

The UK has already suffered it's charismatic leader in the shape of Tony Blair but he was just a greater iteration of Bill Clinton. Empty, shallow, appearance is more important than substance. The rare good that they do drowns in a sea of cynical PR-driven opportunism. The slick patter and thick skind they developed in the legal profession served them well.

Now we have swung from charisma to comic there is an opportunity for someone charismatic to jump in and 'save' us. This could go either way though - save us through marching further towards socialism and a command economy, or save us through stepping back, trimming the ample fat, reducing the reach of the State. We're so used to the State stepping in, dictating what is right, trying to prevent failure (as opposed to just picking up the pieces when we do fail) that I expect it to be the former not the latter.

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