Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Disappearing... UPDATED

Where has he gone?

for a cache of his page.



for his(?) wonderful photos. Hattip:



John M Ward said...

Thanks for the handy tiny-link. I've taken a copy of the whole page for my own records, though of course the comments aren't accessible. I imagine they too have been cached somewhere (I don't need them, by the way, I'm just mentioning it).

I keep a copy of each article from my own 'blog, including the comments, so will always be able to prove what was written by myself and my visitors (both of them!!) even if Dolly Draper or anyone else works to get it removed.

The usual technique for that, by the way, is to repeatedly 'flag' the 'blog via those innocuous-looking button.

One doesn't have to justify that action in any way — the system just counts up the number of activations of that button and it'll probably end up being taken down. It is a weakness in the Blogger system, unfortunately.

Captain Swing said...

Thanks for the info.(I wouldnt put anything past these bastards)

If you hear anything about TS let me know.

I will do the same.

Barnsley Bill said...

elektro kevin has gone too.

Clunking Fist said...

Argh! With so much to read and so little time, I had become only an occasional visitor to EK.

Anonymous said...

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