Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Modern Environmentalists Do Not Exaggerate, surely?

Not content to ban the airborne plant food otherwise know as carbon dioxide, environmentalists want us to stop using plastic shopping bags. That's fine and all, but I'll have to buy plastic bin liners instead. Now, I like to think I'm a bit green:
  1. my family only own one car, 1600cc
  2. we live on a bus route (feasible if you are wealthy enough to pay extra for property handy to transport)
  3. we compost our kitchen scraps and garden waste
  4. we recycle (depending on the wind, up to 3 recycling bins go out each week)
  5. we use low-energy bulbs (only recently becoming aware of the mercury contained therein)
  6. when we can afford it (less often these days) we buy organic

BUT, big 'fessing up: as I am of Scottish descent, I would be motivated by financial consideration to adopt 1 to 5 ANYWAY, casting my economic vote in favour of solutions that save me money. Item 6 makes me feel good (mind you, so do 1 to 5).

But some folk are intent on reducing my choices in live, my freedoms, based on dubious science:

Why banning the bag is bogus:

Check out some of the comments. Hilarious!

PS If a greenie tells me he heats his house by burning stuff, should I kick him in the nads?


Mark Wadsworth said...

We do items 2 to 5 for much the same reasons.

As I hail from Yorkshire, I am so tight that I refuse to buy a car, and yes, the rent on our house is more expensive because it's two minutes from the Tube (which is ironic really, seeing as I am paying London Underground for their services but have to pay my landlady on top of that)

Roger Thornhill said...

Plastic bags - yep, banning them will just mean I buy bin liners which will not be used to take shopping to and fro, but just get one use only. I suppose they will moan at us to line with newspaper, but we would then have to wash out the bins to stop them getting smelly...

...oh, these greenies are already smelly, so I suppose they are happy surrounded by the stench of putrefaction.

Must be why they often vote Lib Dem.

Clunking Fist said...

Yes, Yorkshiremen: you guys know the value of your economic vote!

RT: I'd have to buy a newspaper, instead of peering over the shoulders of others! The electron beam powering my monitor won't cut it as bin-liner...