Thursday, January 24, 2008

Greens want cooking taught

My initial reaction was “Oh, frick-off you fricking nannies!”

But with the state insisting that "labour-unit factors of production" (people in English) work long hours to support the state*, there is little time for parents and children to spend together doing this stuff.

So maybe it is not a BAD idea (as an interim solution). I must say, I don’t remember anything I learnt in cooking.

So knuzilind is going the same way as the motherland:

*[climbs on high-horse] Those BMWs won't pay for themselves, people!

- High taxes means that some of us work longer/harder than we would choose in our personal “work/life” balance.
- I love the way that Kiwisaver is not set to pay out at 65, but at the age of entitlement to National Super. This is to stop you retiring at the age that you choose. If you are unable to work until you are entitled to YOUR OWN FREAKING MONEY, then you will become a client of the state.

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Barnsley Bill said...

I agree with the greens on this one.
Explanation for this seemingly mental volte face, in detail at my place.