Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Mendacious Cunt

For the EU you shall pay,
But "get fucked!" if you want your say,
May Gordon Brown rue the day,
That ordinary Britons he did betray,
Leaving them answerable to Jose,
His EU edicts we shall obey.
Whilst MPs sup at the celebratory buffet
How will history portray
When HE left democracy in disarray,
Not just England treated this way
On his conscious did not weigh
The final ceding and national decay
From a post shall his body sway?
I, for one, say, “Way hey!”

Is This The Final Descent into Madness? Goodbye England, Scotland, Wales, etc. Hello Airstrip One.


Here is a taste of what the EU parliament gets up to:



Mark Wadsworth said...


Clunking Fist said...

I write songs for a hobby.

And Gordon Brown has the potential to be a great Prime Minister.

As we say in NZ "Yeah, right".

Globus said...

lol good title and good post.