Friday, February 8, 2008

Silence of the Lambs

Europe’s çommissars have their hands up Millipede's arse "Hurro, I'd really ruve to sign your ruvry treaty that isn’t a constitution at all. Cuppa tea, what!"

Here in knizilind, bloggers picked up the Electoral Finance Bill (now, alas, Act) issue and ran with it. One of our major daily newspapers subsequently "got it" and crash tackled the gummint and supporting parties on it. They TWICE ran FRONTPAGE fucking EDITORIALS on the power-grab, gag-fest that is this law. The country was a-buzz with talk on "is it/ isn't it" an attack on democracy and free speech, designed to sustain the power base of the gang of four-plus-one (Liarbore, Green (who are, of course, bright shining red), United Future (both of them), Winston First and the bloke known as Progressive (yeah, right)).
The attention of the public was focused sharply upon the activities in parliament. The gummint had tried to pull a swifty, the MSM had (almost too late) noticed, the public sat up and watched, and Dear Leader looked as guilty as she was. It accelerated the decline of the people's party. The (unrelated) icing on the top of this rancid cake was the announcement that the gummint has elected to purchase a new fleet of BMW limos at the cost of $140,000 each (or much more, according to some reports) compared to the $76,000 cheap-and-cheerful Aussie limos.
New Zealand is a nation of sheep, but at least we got passionate about something for a while, other than the rugby (but, wa-hey, Super 14 only days away, go the 'Canes).
See here for Hone Harawira's superb speech:

But this was all piffle compared to the monumental catastrophe that the United Kingdom (nay, most of Europe) is goose-stepping toward: the EU Constitution. Sure, it's been rebranded the EU Treaty. But a Lincoln is still a Ford.
And the silence from the UK MSM is deafening. Starting on Tuesday, the British Parliament will begin the debate on ratification of the Treaty. The gummint has limited the amount of time available to debate the European Union (Amendment) Bill to 12 days. Opposition MP's demanded 18 days.
After the Bill becomes law and the gummint (and other European gummints) ratify the Treaty, Europe will have a new constitution.
It is a self-amending Treaty, which means that the constitution that governs the UK and its interactions with the EU can be changed without recourse to the UK parliament.
Crazy, huh? So powers, rights and responsibilities that the electorate vest in Members of Parliament every five years or so, will be handed to the EU governing bodies. Is this the European Parliament? No, not really: the main power brokers in the EU reside in the European Commission. You do not vote for the commissioners, but they alone have the power to initiate EU laws. The European Parliament can only debate amendments to bills passed before them.
Now, both Liarbore and the Fib Dems promised a referendum on the EU constitution. The constitution (in name) died after it was rejected by French and Dutch voters in referendums.
Hi-ho, a minor setback: the constitution document was rewritten as the treaty and amends the existing foundation treaties of the EU. The original constitution achieved the same outcomes, but by replacinge old treaties. Some of the language was toned down and they removed references to various symbolic items. But the underlying document sets out the same powers, obligations and competencies as the rejected constitution. The Liarbore and the Fib Dems are being somewhat disingenuous (I am refraining from using the phrase "lying stinking power-whoring cunts") in stating that it is not the constitution and thus their promises of a referendum have not been broken.
Quite why Liarbore (and Fib Dem) MPs are keen to give away the sovereignty of their parliament and country is unclear. Many suspect that it is a socialist plot (witness the tendency for the EU to regulate to death anything that is not banned outright) or an elitist conspiracy. Time will tell. In the meantime, a small band of Englishmen ready some lengths of rope and are seeking out strong, well-located lampposts.

What do we want? When do we FUCKIN' want it?!

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