Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sean Plunket Stabs PM in the Face

Ha ha, "So, Prime Minister, there is no target for this policy" of helping people buy houses. Unfortunately, I not sure some listeners would realise why it's important, for fiscal responsibility reasons, to have targets when doling out taxpayer money...


Mark Wadsworth said...

Who's Sean Plunkett and why hasn't he been given a knighthood yet?

Clunking Fist said...

Hi Mark
He's one of the presenters of Morning Report, the news programme on Radio New Zealand National, a news/current affairs station with a flavour part 5Live, part Radio 4.
The problem is, with his biased style of interviewing, he is gentle with the interviewee on one side of the issue, but attacks the interviewee on the other side, usually by asking demeaning questions, one after the other, talking over the answers given and part-muting the victim's microphone.
This time it was the subprimeminister's turn to face this attack.
Dear Leader has a drive for sustainability. She continues to crow about her party’s goal of leading the world in curbing CO2 production, in spite of NZ’s emissions growing faster than nearly every other OECD country over recent years…
However, they have finally noticed that “Ordinary New Zealanders” (i.e. folk NOT desiring to live on a benefit or become a member of parliament) are actually more concerned that recent studies shows NZ to be amongst OECD countries with the most expensive housing. Dear Leader hastily threw together some ideas on how they would use taxpayer money to help some voters into houses, the effect of which would be to increase demand without increasing supply.
Just as Unflash Gordon resorts to steal Tory policies to save his administration, Dear Leader will throw taxpayer money at voters and ignore the hard work required to increase supply. NZ has a population at little over 4 million, land area about 20% larger than the UK, yet housing is very expensive.

Clunking Fist said...

And he can't have a knighthood:

- he's a bit of a cock, really

- Dear Leader got rid of Knighthoods cos the queen is NOT a man-hating-lesbian hag wreaker.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Ah ... 'helping the first time buyer' ... robbing the average taxpayer to benefit the ... er ... average taxpayer.

So your lot in NZ are the same bunch of fuckwits as over here, then?

Clunking Fist said...

Identical in every respect except 1.5:

1. Thankfully, there is no equivalent of the EU for us to be dragged into
1.5 We have a fiscal surplus, although it is fast strinking, hence 1.5 points of difference and not 2.

Clunking Fist said...

Oh, 2 other big differences (and these count):
1. An election looms in November
2. Our "Tories" are a credible alternative.

WTF is up with "your" (I know ur not a Tory supporter) Shadow Chancer?

Mark Wadsworth said...

I have done three posts on Gideon Osborne, and I am afraid I have come to the inescapable conclusion that he is ... a twat.

I mean tax and economics is not difficult if you read around a bit and think a bit, and then come to a conclusion and stick to it, and Giddy has got a team of people working for him.