Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My Email to Russel Norman

CO2 is a significant greenhouse gas
Friday, 29 May, 2009 6:36 AM
From: "Gordon Brown"

Hi Russel
The following email was brought to my attention via Whale Oil's blog. Can you please confirm for me:
Whether or not aeroplanes, cars and cabs release CO2 whilst burning fossils fuels.
Whether or not CO2 is a significant greenhouse gas
Whether or not the planet is warming
Whether or not that is because of the co2 from burning fossil fuels (as opposed to burning logs in ones wood-burner)
Whether or not your co2 emissions are better than mine


Gordon Brown
(for now) Prime Minister & First Lord Of The Treasury
C/o (for now):10 Downing Street

Remember this if politicians want to spend your money:
A million dollars is what you’d get earning the average wage for twenty years. A billion dollars is what you’d get if you won Lotto every week for twenty years.
If I gave you $1 million and told you to spend it at the rate of $1000 per day, it would take you nearly three years. But if I gave you $1 billion and told you to do the same, it would take you nearly 3000 years.
A million seconds is about 12 days. A billion seconds is about 30 years.The following is a disclaimer and a protest at the collection, retention and sharing of my personal mail by the morally bankrupt state.By adding a string of key words, it will guarantee that each and every mail that I send will now need to be manually viewed as it is picked up by the auto scan software. If every person in the UK does exactly the same, then the entire system will quickly become so unmanageable, so unwieldy that it will become unworkable.My key words are: bomb, assassinate, president, brown, Osama, Obama, Sargozy, Merkel, government, target, location, rocket, grenade, al-Qaeda, Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, UK, America, guns, jets, bombs, machine-gun, terrorists, MP's, pigs, troughs, France, Germany, Italy, nuclear, Korea.

Subject: RE: Worrying Article

Date: Thu, 28 May 2009 17:52:51 +1200

From: Russel Norman

To: Bob

Hi Bob
I am carefully following the rules laid down by Parliamentary Services. When campaigning in Mt Albert I pay for my cabs (I have a car from afriend up there so don't use cabs much) and accommodation (again staying with Green supporters).
I travel around NZ constantly as co-leader and Parliamentary services pays for my flights. For example, I am off to Auckland shortly so that I can attend the Child Poverty Action Group budget breakfast tomorrow.Bryce has a long history of personal attacks on me and the Greens, it is tedious. I no longer read his stuff

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