Thursday, November 20, 2008

Celia Lashlie on Nia Glassie

I saw this on Nightline last night. I was confused and so slept before posting on it:

She says unless all New Zealanders accept some responsibility, this will happen again. I thought, Is she saying to so-called "community leaders" that they need to pull their socks up and take some responsibility. Probably not, because she goes on to say: "I have a lot of anger, mostly against my class, white middle class New Zealanders". WTF?

Well, former prison boss Celia Lashlie, what did I do wrong? Did I not pay enough tax to give to these guys to shoot up or piss away? Or are you suggesting that I'm to blame cos of my namby pamby sickly white liberalism?

Great book, not sure about that comment though. It may have lost something in the editing...


Mark Wadsworth said...

Is Nie Glassie the NZ equivalent of Baby P in the UK?

Clunking Fist said...

Yep, just the latest.