Tuesday, August 26, 2008

DRAFT POST Applications for broadband funding open

Applications for broadband funding open

Applications for the $340 million Broadband Investment Fund (BIF) are now open.

The BIF contains $325 million operating and $15 million capital funding available over a maximum of five years and is a key part of the government’s Digital Strategy 2.0 package.

The Fund is targeting high-speed open access urban fibre networks, better rural connectivity and improved international links. AND IS ABSOLUTELY NOT TARGETING PIGS LOOKING FOR A THROUGH.

It will be used to accelerate broadband investment in two particular areas:
• facilitating high-speed broadband to businesses and entities such as municipalities, universities, schools and hospitals in urban centres WHERE THERE IS PROBABLY A PERFECTLY ADEQUATE BUSINESS PLAN WITHOUT THROWING MY FUCKING TAXES AT IT;
• extending the reach of broadband into underserved regions, particularly in the rural sector.
Community groups are encouraged to work with suppliers and local government to signal their interest in being involved in using broadband to improve productivity and New Zealand’s connectivity to the rest of the world.

Applications for the BIF close on 30 September 2008.

More details and application packages can be found at www.digitalstrategy.govt.nz. The helpdesk number for inquiries about submitting an application is 0508 276232 (0508 BROADBAND).

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