Tuesday, July 8, 2008

National State Radio

Left wing bias? Never... Tui

6am news: the story on National 's broadcasting policy consists of an excerpt of an interview with Duckie.

At 7.33, National's spokesman on the issue is interviewed, mostly okay, just the usual trick of his microphone being muted whenever Sean speaks. Sean then invites him to stay on the line, as Mallard is present. Mallard then describes his view on the National policy. Then Sean thanks everyone and terminates the interview, so the National spokesman stayed on the line for what exactly? Where was his right of reply?

Duckie complained that it was unfair to expect radio New Zealand to release ratings data if private sector stations don't have to. Doh! Private sector radio stations are not owned by the public (so their data is like, you know, private), and they are judged on profitability.

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